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Trial Manufacture to a Mass Production of Wire EDM

Enhance the accuracy of your precision parts? Need custom orders to develop new products? With the technical expertise obtained by processing various machining, Murakami Seiki perform the ultra-precision electrical discharge machining.
First please contact us, especially if you are interested in the precision wire EDM, and pinhole or form-carving EDM.
In addition, we are able to assemble machineries which are designed to require assemble high precision manufacturing parts. Being able to perform all the processes, we believe that, makes it possible to reduce costs and shorten the delivery date. We may be able to improve the quality of our workpieces as well.


Examples of EDM


Example 1:Drilling the outside-diameter tip of 3 with sus304 materials

Drilling the outside-diameter tip of 3 with sus304 materials Uses : Nozzle of the semiconductor production device
Size : 3π outside diameter tip , 0.2mm hole, 5μm tolerance
Materials : sus304 (stainless)
Precision : 5μm
Machining : Lathe machining, Pinhole EDM
Characteristic of the process : Stainless circular tip drills for 0.2 mm. We also perform drilling for 5 m tolerance.

Example 2: Cutting at cylindricity of 3μm

Cylindricity of 3μm Uses : Boa gauge for the inside measurement
Materials : SKS-3 (alloy tool steel for JIS cold water pipe processing)
Precision : Cylinder degree 3μm
Machining : Lathe machining, Milling, Quenching, Cylinder, Cylindrical polishing, Form-carving EDM
Characteristic of the process : Requires adjustments such as changes in rotational speed or cutting depths depending on materials.
We can also perform the processing for the deep hole (example picture on the right) which requires special cutting tools.

Example 3: Perform diverse processes in one factory

Perform diverse processes in one factory Uses : Chuck of machine tool (Machine with 3 separated chucks to hold an objects)
Materials : DH-2F (Prehardened steel)
Precision : 3μm
Machining : Lathe machining, Milling, Cylinder, Grinding, Wire machining, Form carving EDM
Characteristic of the process : This requires many processes and exact precision to perform, however, we are able to perform all the processes since we have each necessary equipments.

Other examples of machining

Our company makes sure that we have strict testing system and carry out inspections of goods by using measuring equipments in order to assure the precision of our EDM. We put our efforts to guarantee the qualities of each workpieces.
Quality Assurance System


Processable materials or precision

Iron, Stainless, Aluminum, Titanium. Possible to process every materials.

Processable Materials

Iron, Stainless, Aluminum alloy, Nickel alloy, Pure titanium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Sintered metal, Kovar, Dice steel, Heat-resisting steel, Carbide, Ceramics, etc.

Our careful and sincere cutting processes make it possible to provide the precision of 1 - 3μm.


We can perform the precision of 1 - 3 μm. With our strict quality testing system, not only the precision but we also guarantee the quality of our workpieces.

One lot to a mass production

Acceptable Quantity

We can provide a trial manufacture, small quantity from one lot, or a mass production.

We may be able to lower the cost for high-precision assembling with an integrated request.

High-precision assembly

Not only the machining, we can also process assemblies.
We have developed our own automatic machine for efficiency improvement and to enhance the precision of assembling processes.

High-precision assembly

We can also process other kinds of materials which are not on the list above.
If you are interested in our machining, and are able to send us a plan, we can provide the proposal for the optimum materials for it. Feel free to contact us. We would always be happy to have any kind of inquiries.
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Characteristics of Our Machining

Process goods of thickness of 450 mm

With our wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine) for extremely thick goods, we are able to process things which are up to 450mm thick.

After-machining ; Heat treatment / Surface treatment

We provide various types of techniques from processing to an after-processing surface treatment with our technical skills and expertise.

Integrated system from planning to assembling

We have well-established an integrated system which covers planning, testing, precision machining and assembling for ultra-precision machine parts.

"Performing the accurate precision in assembling" essential to provide a high precision assembling.

These are only small parts of our work. If you are interested in our ultra-precision cutting and hope to get more information, go to page for inquires and feel free to contact us! We will do our best to meet your demands with technical skills and expertise of precision parts machining including each measuring instruments.

Quality Assurance System Production and Processing Examples
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Feel free to contact us about our ultra-precision assembly and machining

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