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Company Profile
Company name Murakami Seiki Co.,Ltd
Address 5-97-3 Yamamoto-Cho, Sakai city Sakai-Ku, Osaka 590-0983 Japan
TEL +81-72-238-1649
FAX +81-72-233-3168
Capital 22,000,000 yen
Representative President and CEO, Syuzo Murakami
Established April 1948 @
Incorporated November 2nd 1959
Our Banks Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Sakai branch)
The Amagasaki Shinkin Bank (Asaka branch)
Japan Finance Corporation for Small and Medium Enterprise (Sakai branch)
Shoko Chukin Bank (Sakai branch)
Number of employees

40 people

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Company History
Year Content
1948, April "Murakami Factory" was established in Sakai city, Osaka
1955, April Changed company name to "Nankai Seiki Factory".
1959, Nov. Incorporated Murakami Seiki. Yataro Murakami was installed as the chief executive officer / President.
1989, Oct. Constructed the second factory for business expansion.
1999, Oct. Syuzo Murakami was installed as CEO / President.
2003, May The head office moved to the current location.
2006, Dec. Capital increased by Osaka Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd. (SBIC West Japan)
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