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Processing The Complex Materials

We have performed different types of complex materials processings such as precision measurement instruments, automatic devices and precision metal molds etc.

Machining Examples


Radio telescope parts for space observation

Radio telescope parts for space observation Uses : A part of the antennas used for a radio telescopes for space observations
Size : 400mm in diameter × 1,200mm in length
Machining : Lathe machining, Milling
Characteristic of the process : We produced the parts of antennas for Shanghai Astronomical Observatory in China as a part of the joint program in which Osaka Prefecture University Astrophysics Laboratory, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan(NAOJ) and Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. We put our efforts to enable the function to measure the special radio wave precisely.

Arm parts of semiconductor production device

Arm parts of semiconductor production device Uses : The arm part of semiconductor production device
Size : Size 400-500mm, corner 100mm, 25 cylinder φ
Materials : SKS-3(alloy tool steel for JIS cold water pipe processing)
Precision : Flatness, Symmetric degree, parallelism less than 2 microns
Machining : Lathe machining, Milling, Heat-treatment, Cylindrical plane-surface polishing, Wire EDM, Lapping
Characteristic of the process : This product requires many processes which also have to be performed with high-precision. We enable the high-precision work by finishing those processes with lapping process.

Master gauge of the measuring instrument

Master gauge of the measuring instrument Uses : Gauge to inspect a measuring instrument
Size : 25×40×150 (mm)
Materials : SKS-3 (alloy tool steel for JIS cold water pipe processing)
Precision : Flatness, Parallelism, Symmetric degree less than 1 micron
Other machining methods : Milling quenching, Cylindrical (outer diameter) and plane-surface polishing, Lapping
Characteristic of the process : Because measuring instruments are for prescribing the maximum or minimum value for goods to be complete products, high-precision is required for processing these measuring instruments.
This products is finished within 1 μm of flatness, parallelism and symmetry.

Shaping gauges for metal molds

Shaping gauges for metal molds Uses : Shaping gauge to measure the precision of metal molds. (Shaping instruments)
Materials : SKD-11 (die steel)
Precision : 2μm
Other machining method : Wire processing, EDM, Lapping
Characteristic of the process : The high-precision is required in this process.
The gauge for metal molds requires high-precision because the accuracy of the products depends on the metal molds.

In order to guarantee the precision of our ultra-precision machining each of our workpieces, we established a complete testing system and conduct tests with inspection instruments in each processes.
Quality Assurance System


Processable Materials

Iron, Stainless, Aluminum alloy, Nickel alloy, Pure titanium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Sintered metal, kovar, Dice steel, Heat-resisting steel, Carbide, Ceramics, etc.


Complex Materials

Complex materials such as stainless steel, heat-resistance steel and ceramic etc.
These are difficult to process because of their characteristics such as low thermal conductivity and adhesiveness. In order to process these materials, the experienced technical skills are required.

Techniques of High-precision Assembling

Murakami Seiki performs not only parts machining but enables to process up to assembling.
In order to perform ultra-precision assembling, we must provide the exact precision of the machining parts. However, in-process inspection, the accuracy of the inspection equipments, and the technical skills of experienced craftsmen are required as well.
Our company succeeded in developing its own automatic machine and it has enabled us to improve efficiency and to enhance the precision of machining processes.
If you are hoping to ‘improve the precision of your precision assembling’, feel free to contact us anytime.
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These are only a few examples of our machining techniques.
You may make inquiries to us about other machining techniques, materials, processable shapes and materials.
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